Sep. 6th, 2011

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I took off Friday because I had a car repair needing done, and I didn't feel like working that fri anyways. I had dreams of writing and coding and building stuff. Well, I did get the text for the puppet skit finished on my laptop. But the 2 hour job at the dealer took 8 F'ing hours. Not a good start to the holiday weekend.

Other stuff: I built the cable assembling jig and laid out the first of three cable bundles on it. Now to solder stuff. I also resumed coding on the Xmas lights for 2011 show. I familiarized myself with the pick and place machine some. I also took the kids to the Spirit store and we bought costumes. Oldest is grounded again for hitting her sister and the house was a big screaming mess for a night. I'm picking up a nervous tic in the left eye.

Mom called and needed help playing a DVD, so I emailed her my fallback hack of Windvd from years ago. She couldn't keep track of where she saved the zips or where the program unzipped or installed or... I don't have a crystal ball so I can see over your shoulder you know. I'm beginning to wonder if I should turn on her Remote Computer stuff so I can do stuff remotely. She's from the typewriter generation, I understand. But seriously, organizing folders in a computer isn't that hard. But we got her DVD playing and so she's good now.

We had a nice BBq with steaks and chicken and corn on the cob. Monday was the first day cool enough that I could step outside without dying from heat stroke. If it stays this nice, I'll be happy. We could still use a lot more rain though. STarted the puppet skit video background too. This will be a hillarious puppet act at MFF and Furry Fiesta. I need to get some foam "we're #1" fingers for the act.


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