Sep. 9th, 2011

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I've just failed my first Astronaut test -- I am unable to walk on a frictionless surface.

I started to go to the garage last night. The first step in, my foot instantly slid out in front of me. Trying to regain balance I stepped forward, thus putting both feet on frictionless surfaces. And boom, down to the cement I went. If I had not still been holding the doorknob, I probably would have busted my head wide open.

What happened, is that the laundry detergent the oldest leaves on top of the washer had vibrated off and broken on the cement. Well, cement covered in HE laundry detergent is not just slick, but super slick. Tastes bad too, as I'm here to testify. I'm bruised and my head still isn't all there. But I'm still breathing so I guess that's good.

I will get a small guardrail and secure it on the top of the washer so nothing can fall off of it again. Sure, I can scream that nothing should be put there. But realistically, I know that's not going to work. So I'll make it to where the detergent can't fall off the machine anymore.

Thus I got nothing done with the lights, in SL, zip. The brain was effectively offline for the rest of the night.


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