Sep. 13th, 2011

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Never one to see somebody else make a buck without wanting to horn in (heh), I have some ideas for the next generation of 99c video games you play on your phone. Everyone knows about Angry Birds, right? Well, heres:

Ennui birds. Try to give the birds a reason to bother getting into the slingshot in the first place.

Lazy birds. Find ways to coax the birds out of their nest and onto the screen, like tossing cats or water hoses at them.

Horny birds. Their solution is to just make more eggs. Throw various "toys" into the nests to make the birds happy.

Stoned birds. The birds throw stuff at the pigs while intoxicated. Might be a bomb. Might be the eggs they are protecting. Won't know till the purple haze wears off.

Hyper birds. Aim pixie sticks and cans of red bull at the nests. Get some into each nest, and they kick the piggie's asses.

Creative birds. Throw the slingshot itself at the pigs. Don't know how useful it is, but...

Dancing birds. drop ravesticks and lights on the raving birds to the beat of the music (ala guitar hero). When the screen burns out from excessive light, go to the next level.

Sad birds. The birds throw dead kittens and deceased goldfish at the pigs to make the pigs run away crying.

etc. etc...


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