Sep. 23rd, 2011

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The wolf isn't online at the moment. My cable modem is out, so the tech won't be around to fix it till Saturday. If he's unable to fix it on Sat then I won't be able to be in the D&D game (just say I'm stuck in the hole going into the sewer or something). I also won't be able to run movie night in SL on Sunday. So I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get online Sat morning.

I have been running a serious sleep deficit. The universe is hell bent on preventing me from getting a nap to make up for it too. The whole week, it has been one thing or another. Wednesday almost took the cake when the wife woke me up to tell me what was on TV. So Thursday, after everything in the house was settled, I made absolutely clear to the wife and kids that I wasn't to be bothered for an hour. Not for TV. Not for news. Nothing but a fire in the house -- everything else could wait a little bit. So I laid down for a nap.

20min later, my mother calls on the cell phone.

I therefore have decided that the world doesn't want me to sleep for some reason. And it's making me very grouchy.

After I was woke up and unable to help them (sorry, my internet is down... yes, really) I went into the living room and said I was finally going to watch the bluray of Star Wars I got. Aaaaand not even that worked -- there are glitchs in the video over and over again. Disc is fine. I suspect I have to do some sort of software update to the BluRay player to handle whatever new algorithm is on the disc. Hey Lucas -- what was wrong with the old encoding? Or are you purposefully trying to piss off your fans?

Oh, and on the question "Did Han Shoot First", on the bluray, Han and Greedo fire simultaneously now, and a large smokecloud appears to obscure the details. I still preferred the original, but it's better than Han's magically rubber neck getting his head out of the way.


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