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Google should drop its idiotic names policy, as it really isn't possible to enforce -- I can easily photoshop a scan of my DL, change the numbers, and make my name Marvin Zindler. How would they know?

Law enforcement routinely warns people against using their real names, addresses, phone numbers, etc on the internet. In this day of identity thieves and stalkers, you don't want to give every random stranger in the world so many details about your life. But that's exactly what Google is demanding that we do. And to top it all off, they are banning people who ARE using their real names, but Google doesn't believe them because they sound funny; there ARE people named Robin Hood in the real world you know...

I don't mind telling Google my real name for my account. But I insist that Google keep it between me and them, as I go by my writing nom-de-plume on the internet and have done so for longer than Google has existed. The only people who will search for my real name are people I don't want to be visible to. The people I want to interact with don't know my real name, but DO know my nom-de-plume. So Google, in its vapid demand that we all use real names to connect with the people we want to connect with unless our names sound funny to some 18 year old temp in San Jose, is forcing us to be invisible to those we want to connect with while exposing our real data to thieves, rapists, HR departments, and other vile dregs of society.

I use Facebook little because of their policies. And while I created the Plus account when I was invited, their policies keep me from using it. Which is a pity, since their Circle approach is far better than FBs. It's a shame that they fail to grasp that we don't share everything equally with everyone we know (circles) also applies to what name(s) we wish to be identified by on the internet. Why they can't simply have a real name, a couple of nicknames, and checkboxes by the ones you want to be found by is beyond me -- very simple code to add and it would go a long way to gaining customers instead of repelling them.
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