Sep. 19th, 2011

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I repaired 4 of the 5 Dodeca cards. Still have a bug in two channels in the last one -- they are weak. I had to replace a number of drivers in them all. Looks like my technique of reflowing the boards slowly doesn't work as the parts stay hot for too long. So I need to get a 1500W oven rather than my 1300 to melt the solder faster.

I hotglued the light strips to the first arch and gave it a test run. And except for one small bug, it worked perfectly the first time out. All the code did precisely what it was supposed to do. Even the fade trick, which was experimental and not expected to work right. So the arch project is well on track and working great. This even leads toward a halloween project for next year called Tunnel, which is double the number of archs (6) and reversed so the lights shine inwards rather than out. This will need to run every single light board I have, including the ones I've not populated. But it's a good test case to get the quad figured out.

Sunday was a day off because Saturday's burst of building drained me. Plus, it was raining -- with my gear still outside. Naturally all it takes to break a historic drought is my leaving a one of a kind device out in the yard to get rained on. Fortunately I'd already waterproofed everything but the end -- wasn't expecting rain during a drought and I need to be able to repair the end if necessary. But I tore it down easily enough and it's in temp storage in the garage.

Movies watched: Watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead. The made the Zombies into Ninjas with manic speed. Um, I preferred the shambling mindless zombies of the original. The first one was more fun and scarier whereas the remake was more realistic (no gun shop, power went out) than the first. In SL we watched revenge of the nerds and Fanboys. If you haven't seen Fanboys before, do so -- it's both very funny and very poignant. Star Wars fans take their buddy who is dying of cancer and won't live to see the premiere of Ep1 across the country to break into Skywalker ranch and sneak a peek at it. It's as much a story about lost friendship as it is geek obsession. And all the cameos in the film... hilarious!


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