Sep. 20th, 2011

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I have long been in the market for an older model of HP calculator. Specifically, an HP11. I don't need the matrix capabilities of an HP15 -- I have the HP50 at work and the HP48SX at home for serious stuff like that. But those two calculators, for all their capabilities, suffer from one very serious problem...

I can't put them in my pocket and carry them everywhere I go.

Yes, I need a quicktograb scientific calculator, because inevitably when I need to do some quick checks of the math on something, I never have a calculator handy. So I need a cheapo that sits in my pocket, like I had in the early 80s (I was one of the few troops who got in trouble for being in AFR35-10 and not having a calculator in my shirt pocket).

Trouble is, an HP11 from that era is considered a collectors item today, and fetchs pricetags far above the 90$ a brand new one cost in 1982. And while there are a few other pocket HP calculators like various generations of HP32, they also fetch premium dollar figures. And no, a cheap TI is not a solution...

But then, the solution fell into my lap. Someone else at work was using a scientific calculator on their smartphone. And I looked, and found an HP11C emulator for only 99c. Tada, not only do I now have a "pocket" calculator, but it doesn't sit in my pocket and it really does go everywhere my phone and I go.

Amazing world we live in :)


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