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I finally found and corrected the problem with the pick and place machine.

After I got it secured a few weeks back, I didn't want to run it until things were a little cooler. Well, after several weeks of abysmal heat and no relief within 60 days, I decided to run it up and ensure things were operating anyways. That way I'd have time to get things fixed at a leisurely pace.

Well, I got the computer and the programming wand to function. But the video was crap and the motors refused to move even a little bit. When you first power up, the arms are supposed to go to Home. But they didn't. You can imagine my frustration, crawling through this machine with high voltage everywhere and trying to locate a loose power connection somewhere.

Finally I found the problems. The video issue was simply the Vhold on the old CRT. As I've not played with a genuine CRT in ages, that's just oversight on my part. But the issue with the motors was the protection interlocks. One door doesn't close all the way, though if you don't look carefully it appears that it does. So if you push that door fully closed, the interlocks work and the motors are permitted to power up and move. So yay, I think the Quad 2C is functional and ready to be run a little bit.

After this upcoming heat wave that is. Tomorrow is supposed to be 107 actual. Don't know what it'll be with the heat index. Damned if I'm going to set foot outside tomorrow or run anything that doesn't come with a keyboard. Tonight though, I DJ at cutlass at 8pm. SciFi theme. Maybe I'll be able to stay awake long enough to complete my set.

See, the oldest gets up at 530am. While the wife drives her to her running practice at 545am, the dogs bark and carry on when we enter/leave the front door. Me, sleep? Nah. Wife returns at 615. Dogs bark. Sleep? Alarm goes off at 7am and I have to get the youngest up for school. Sleep? What's that? So if I seem tired when you all see me, it's because even going to sleep at 11pm only gets me 6 hours of sleep a night. And I need 8. I'm going to try finding some comfy headphones or build myself a soundproof sleep helmet so I can ignore the chaos that erupts predawn every stinking day of the schoolyear.


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