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The drug smugglers are using catapaults to throw bales of weed over the US border.

No, I'm not making a joke...

You know, it was hard enough preventing siege engines from being hidden when they were in forests and woods of jolly old England. But in the middle of desert country with nothing but a scrawny jack rabbit as cover? How can it be that nobody saw this contraption? And it's not like it can fire a bale 20 miles like a 16" gun can. Range is maxxed at about 400 yards or so.

Apparently we need to get the society of Creative Anachronism and imbed them in both the US border patrol and the mexican federales. I'll bet a few of them can be inventive enough with the Zetas to make the Zeta's hanging headless bodies from bridges seem tame by comparison. Just like back in WW2 when all the Japanese saw were the pretty boys on the west coast, and they figured they could whip us. What nobody sees is the crazy people in the bayous that we have to keep in chains, or they'll rape all the alligators. Give them good old boys some archaic weapons as well as full auto stuff and put them on the border, and say that Zeta's taste like squirrel -- problem solved :)


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